Thursday, December 20, 2007

A visit to the Smiths

A month or so ago I did a little write up on Groomingdales Boutique...a wonderful dog grooming home based business run by our friend Phyllis, you can click here to see the photos and write up

After all the hustle and bustle of this busy pre Christmas week I thought it would be nice to visit Phyllis in her what she calls non clutter Shabby Chic Home

It certainly is a sight for tired Christmas eyes.

We met Phyllis's....hmmmm?? not sure where or how come to think of it. We are very proud our Wee Scotish friend has some of our goodies in her home.
We won't point out every little detail....just the very eye catching Tony's rustic style bench in the photo below on your right, her style is fantastic I think

I would love to have her kitchen shown in the photo above, very spacious, yet at the same time she has her treasures lovingly displayed to making you feel welcome and comfortable

Above is the Family Room -
this section flows through from her kitchen, once again, not cluttered but surrounded by lovely treasures

The photo below on the right is of Phyllis's toy poodles, Dougall and Phebe, groomed of course lovingly by her, I think Dougall may have had a little beard at the time of the photo, could I please swap places with them?

Master Bedroom

- if you look in my first photo of the outside of the house you can see the second level - this is where the bedroom is

above photos
The guest room, Phyllis says she loves playing around with themes in here....well you would wouldn't you after living with 3 males!

The guest room is all very girly girly....just lovely!

Even her Laundry in the photo below is organised

I hoped you enjoyed your visit to the Smith's Home

Thankyou so much Phyllis for letting us visit

Happy Christmas to you and your family!!

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