Friday, December 14, 2007

Shabby Beach

Top photo

is me playing around in my Photo edit if I don't have anything better to do...!!! yakes, a big market on Sunday I should be concentrating on

So just a short one....

I found some little beach boxes, they needed repainting which I've done, given them a bit of a sand back and there they are, I love them.

You can find them up for sale on our website

We live in a beachy tourist part of Victoria, our Shabby Beach goodies are very popular over the summer months.

you can see more of our lifestyle by clicking here
above a photo of a beautiful view I pretty much see everyday when I visit our local shopping lovely I always appreciate where we live
You can see below some of my very early Original Shabby Beach Paintings

The colours in my original painting above are so vibrant, they work well displayed in some of our local beach holiday homes

Very chippy old frame above, I've based the painting on an older photo of Sorrento

Mornington Harbor, not to far from our main shopping centre

All of my above beachy Original paintings are based on local beaches in our area.

Thanks so much visiting... and hope you enjoyed my shabby beach theme


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