Saturday, December 29, 2007

Post Cards

I love Vintage Postcards, I've a feeling I'm not alone?
In the photo above are just a few favourites from my collection.

I sprained my ankle last night taking Guss for a walk, I'd planned to help Tony at our special twilight market this evening, no, not to be.

Poor Tony it's so hot here today, I feel bad he's had to do it all on his own, I promise to have an icy cold beer awaiting in the fridge for him!

As I was stuck at home and pretty much couldn't move I decided to do a little creating, I've been wanting to set time aside to design a range of postcards.
Here's a few, the postcards are all based on my original paintings, as you can see I've added a back to each one

My aim ... to make the postcards feel a bit tattered and vintage

I hope to have them available from our Website and markets very soon

Thanks so much for visiting

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