Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Vintage inspired painting & My giveaway arrived!

First of all my lovely Christmas decorations arrived!!!, I actually won a prize in Shannon's give away, I was so excited, she especially made the decorations for me to fit in with our 2007 colour scheme, the teal green ribbon and colours in the cute little stocking are just perfect. I think Shannon has more decorations for sale, you can go to her blog for details....just click here

Thanks so much Shannon for being so kind and thoughtful, I'll post more photos when we get our tree up, we love to have a real Christmas tree, better to wait till closer to Christmas day to put it up, otherwise a spell of hot weather can leave you with a wilted brown tree, we wouldn't want that to happen!

Now to my latest Original Painting

It's often such a shame to paint a vintage frame white. This was the case with my finished painting in the photo above, I love the end result and think the colours in the painting look great with some of my favourite treasures. I've always loved vintage colours, I think that's why I was inspired to start painting roses.

Above are some beautiful handmade brooches and bags some special friends made for me. I'll treasure them always


Just a few from a set of trio's hand painted by my Aunties, at the time these ladies were considered to be hobby artists! I'll post some more photos of some of their beautiful work soon.


Not sure of the origin of this beautiful vase, all I know is it came from Tony's side of the family....I think Sweden maybe, it's very old and I love the colours

Last but not least, this is from my lovely friend Siobhan her work is outstanding, she gave it to me on my last birthday, it was, you know that big birthday!!! no not 21 sadly. I'll treasure it always.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you're all having a productive and happy week


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