Sunday, January 27, 2008

Beautiful Dining Setting

Tony bought in a beautiful Buffet setting on the weekend, it's a genuine antique. Unlike the scrolly setting in my previous post this one is not making it home to me. I love it just as it is, yet had this vision of it painted white and distressed with the leather inserts in the chairs recovered in some sort of elegant fabric.

I forgot to count when I went to take photos today, I think 2 carver chairs and 6 dinning chairs

If anyone living in the Melbourne area was at all interested you can click here for details of exactly where our little Showroom and Tony's workshop is.

I'm still working on my bird theme.

I haven't finished my first bird painting I spoke about in my previous post, that's not like me, I don't like to have unfinished paintings hanging around. I do like to work on a series of themes though, I think this second painting may help my mental blank with the first unfinished one

I loved the simplicity of this one

I've just listed it on our website

I love blogging, a little too much lately I think, I really do need to get into my work again, if I'm not as quick to leave comments as usual (although maybe I was never quick) please don't think I'm not interested in your latest post...oh I am, I could sit here all day reading, reading and more reading!! Blogging is mostly wonderful but on the other hand can be a little hurtful at times, I would hate anyone to think I was ignoring them.

Thanks for visiting and please come back again

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