Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Beautiful Vintage Frame

Hi all and thanks for visiting

Tony bought this gorgeous vintage frame home to see if I'd like to do something with it.
Yes please!

I've not had time to work on many larger sized paintings lately, this one is too big to post or ship but will make a lovely display at our markets and little showroom.

My aim was to make the colours quite rich to fit in with the vintage frame which I am definetly not going to paint white. Looking at the photos the painting in real life looks better, I often take photos or stand back and look at my work in progress through the seems to help. I think the painting should look better once varnished, the colours come to life beautifully and the finishing sealer gives it a wonderful depth.

While I was at it I took some photos of my little corner I paint in.

Three ceiling to floor walls of windows, it's just wonderful, lots of frames and odds and ends hanging around and a few beautiful vintage prints hanging near me for inspiration. We all tend to sit at the old baltic pine table in this sunny room to eat brekky, read the weekend papers, talk on the phone...just about anything, isn't it funny how we seem to have our favourite rooms

As you can see in the window reflection, Guss is not far away from where I work, he has his outside couch and is enjoying his afternoon nap.

Here's some more postcards/giftcards I've been working on. Sorry I'm a bit slow getting them printed and ready for sale on our website
I've been tagged, no not really me Guss our Aussie bulldog has been tagged by Linda....he's still thinking of some answers to the questions, he promises he will get onto it soon, thanks Linda.

Linda's a new blogger, she has a wonderful interesting blog, worth a visit by clicking here

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