Sunday, February 3, 2008

A new studio maybe?

Hope everyone's had a wonderful weekend

I went to a market this morning to hunt out some bargains, can't say I found anything spectacular, I did buy some yummy fresh home grown tomatoes, fresh basil, dried oregano and home made olive oil from a lovely little Italian stall which I am a regular buyer too.

The basil still has the roots attached, I've put it in my polka dot Robert Gordon enamel jug, it looked so scrumptious I decided to take a photo.

My lovely newly obtained scrolly chair made a perfect setting, I put it in front of our "building" to take the photo, I have posted about this building of ours before, it was awhile ago though so thought I'd do another update.
In my last post I added a photo of my little painting corner in our sunroom, I had lots of comments on how neat and tidy it looks ...oh no, not really, I would love to have a big section where I could stack my frames and anything else I had ideas to work on, this is where this building comes into my plans. Tony built it years ago as a cubby house for our daughter Ellie, she is now nearly 22, I can't see her claiming it, of course it has gradually filled up with all sorts of bits and pieces, it already has shelving down one side so I'm thinking it would be perfect for me, not to actually paint in but to store my things...a room of my own...another project on the list.

Speaking of painting
I was scratching my head for a bit of a different idea to incoporate some birds into my paintings, as you can see in the photo above I have a little bird perched in a tea cup amongst my collection...well why not a painting of a bird in a tea cup, here is my finished one below.

This sweet little painting will be available from our website very soon

Thanks so much for visiting

OK I'm off to make a yummy pesto sauce with all my fresh basil....drizzled on some fresh pasta, served with fresh crusty bread and cheese!!

Don't forget to visit The Old Painted Cottage's featured cottage of the month, all I'm going to say is congratulations Mel!!

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