Thursday, January 10, 2008

Just Finished

I think it must be our Website's First Birthday very soon. I can't believe how many wonderful, people we've met along the way we've had some fantastic new contacts with a few new Retail outlets. Lisa from Inn Country contacted me a few months ago to say she was opening up her dream shop in Queensland, Australia and would love to stock some of our goodies. I think she's done a wonderful job and thought it would be nice to share some of her photos with you she emailed me.
She makes her own faux cup cakes and don't they look scrumptious. I think she bought every single item of ours which had any form or shape of a cupcake!

We wish Lisa the very best of luck in her gorgeous new shop, if you would like to contact or visit her, here are her details

Lisa Denehy
Inn Country
10a Lincoln Street, Strathpine 4500
07 3205 5005
or email her -

Here's a few finished paintings I've been working on during the week. I'm just noticing in the photo above my painting palette...I think I need to give it a clean!

I was inspired by some gorgeous Limoges cylinder vases to create the above painting, the frame is a vintage one I've repainted and lightly sanded back.

The painting above is a bit of a contrast to my Rosy Still Life Painting, it's been so so hot here the last few days I thought a painting of one of our local beaches would be good, this is of Mornington Harbour, I would love to be sitting on one of the boats dangling my feet in the cool water right now!

Thanks so much for visiting

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