Monday, January 7, 2008

What to do with Shutters?

I found a pair of interesting looking shutters quite sometime ago....originally stained, I've been slowly repainting them a soft shade of white. As I was painting on the trailing pink roses I was thinking of different ways you could make use of the shutters.

When I bought the shutters this is what I had in mind, the above photo is a window pane mirror I gave a revamp to in one of my previous posts. The shutters are a perfect size either side of the mirror....or maybe....

A display for Old China saucers and plates

Next to the phone as a holder for pens, glasses, notes etc.

A feature outdoors behind pot plants To display Rusty old keys and scissors
Hinged together as a little bench divider to hide bits and pieces
Do you have anymore ideas??....I'd love to hear them if you do
Thanks so much for visiting

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