Saturday, January 12, 2008

This and That

This post I should not be doing! Is anyone else like me? they know they should be working on something way more important than their blog, but find themselves quickly taking just a few photos to do a quick little post. We have a market tomorrow and are out for dinner tonight, why oh why do I have to cram everything in! Just goes to show how much I enjoy blog land...... well most of it

Just a few bits and pieces I've found over the last week, I love bird houses, these two will no doubt eventually find their way to one of our markets or our website.....oh that reminds me, thanks so much for welcoming Lisa from "Inn Country" we supply quite a few retail outlets around Australia, if ever you would like to find out if there's one near you please email us and I would be happy to let you know.

Vintage light fitting, I've perched it on top of a scrolly plate rack.

Lovely little tea pot night light, this is a newy, I seem to remember these floating around on ebay at some stage?? Our daughter Ellie (age 21+) isn't very brave when it comes to dark nights, she loves our new addition

Lovely vintage mirror for my stairway mirror collection

I love this tray, has anyone seen something similar, it looks like a souvenir?

Have a wonderful weekend and Thank you for visiting

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