Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Our New Year

Welcome to my first 2008 Post
Hope you've all enjoyed the coming of the New Year
I sometimes wonder if there's a bit too much pressure put on us all to go out and celebrate in a big way. It doesn't have to be that way.
This was our celebration, it wasn't planned at all, the kids had been down the beach all afternoon, they stopped on the way home for BBQ meat and salads and organised everything.
Todd is a master BBQ cooker. No fancy table settings - an old lace tablecloth on our outdoor table, with sauces served from the bottle, yummy fresh bread served from the bread packet, salads, wine and beer of course....it was a fantastic casual night!

Our New Year's Day was just as casual and enjoyable, very very hot it was in Melbourne, once again. Tony and I were both home, no markets, no workshop for Tony and a bit of a look at the blogs for me...I must be honest and say we felt a bit disorientated, we've lazed around all day reading magazines, Tony gave Guss a bath and that's how we've spent the first day of 2008!

What have you done today?, I'd love to hear

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