Friday, January 4, 2008

Some New Ideas

I've just added some quirky bits and pieces to our website. The one in the photos above and below is taken from a print from one of my original paintings, Tony's mounted it on a 12mm thick mdf board and cut around the shape of the china and cupcakes with his jigsaw. I think it would look great either hung or free standing in a bookcase or whatever, sort of a similar idea to the wonderful large size letters you see.

I don't think he'll be mass producing these quirky cut outs, just the odd "one offs" when he's feeling the urge!

The tea cups in the panel above are my creation, I had quite a few blank panels, I've specially painted some tea cups to take prints of for the panels as shown above, I'm going to add a quirky handle to this one

Here's a photo of another way I made use of the panels, Sharon from Luvs Shabby now owns this one....hers is an original

This is a Vintage Tin cabinet I'd found, I thought some simple Tea Cups hand painted on the front would give it a bit of a lift....I love it, it even has a little old key to lock your treasures safely away inside. It's that lovely soft vintage green colour, little bits of surface rust peeking through and has little hangers on the back if you wanted to hang it on the wall
I have the tin cabinet and the cut out print available on our website, you can just click here to have a peek
We are selling at Red Hill market tomorrow, it's going to be quite warm again, it's an early morning market, it's always a lot cooler up in the Hills so it should be OK.
Hope you all enjoy your weekend
Thanks for visiting

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