Saturday, January 5, 2008

Red Hill Market

Hope you're not getting sick of our market photos.

We had a few new ideas for this market so thought I'd post some photos to share them with you.

Tony hinged up some slatted door panels, they made a great background and were perfect as hangers.

There's Tony above, ready for a sale by the looks of things, I'm lazing in the background with my camera and sore ankle (it's nearly better)

I bought these beautiful blue hydrangeas from one of the stalls, I love hydrangeas, we used to have them growing in our garden, with the strict water restrictions and dry weather conditions they've gradually died off. They're easy to dry, but you have to pick them at the right stage, which these ones aren't.

This was a panel Tony's mounted 3 prints in and attached a cut glass handle, he's added some gold beading around the inner frame, it's so eyecatching!

These Craft Markets we sell at are very strict with their rules, absolutely everything has to be 100% home made. All the furniture you can see in my photos is made by Tony, he uses new and recycled timber, he paints and distresses or varnish and polishes all his creations. We often take it as a compliment when someone thinks its a genuine old tatty piece that could do with a new coat of paint!

Not all the furniture is distressed, the utility bench above has the most beautiful rich coloured natural timber top. We've started our beach theme up for these summer markets.

This is Tony and I at the market today......after seeing the artwork in the photos, you know all rosy and pink, would you ask the two people above "Who is the artist?" we get at least 10 people asking us that very question every single market, they think Tony is the artist, his answer is "No I'm not the artist but I taught her everything"......
Thanks for visiting, have a great weekend wherever you maybe!

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