Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Another Vintage Framed Rose Painting

Here's another beautiful vintage frame Tony found for me, it's a little more of a natural vintage timber colour, once again I would never paint it white. I love to have the frame in front of me when I'm painting, it gives me a sense for the colour scheme in my painting

Here's my live roses I used as subjects
It doesn't matter if you can't find the perfect rose for your still life paintings, as long as you have something to base your rose form on.

Mapping in
Most artists sketch in their subjects
I just go for it!!
It's whatever works for you I think

The roses are taking a bit of shape now

All finished

My aim was for "Old Fashioned Roses in a Vintage frame"
once completely finished and varnished the painting hopefully will look just that
I've just listed the vintage framed original on our website click here if you'd like more details

Oh look at these hydrangeas!!
thanks Alicia
for the hydrangeas from you beautiful Time Worn Style Garden
I love them!!

Thanks for visiting
take care

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