Monday, February 25, 2008

"Tis" a quick one

Thanks to everyone for their input on my Lavender Laundry painting, I think my little sister Cass started the ball rolling by saying yes add some vintage clothes pegs, I didn't finish up using her suggestion. I'm hoping Cass will let me show you some of her stunning artwork she's a fantastic artist with a very special style..she's down for a vist here in Melbourne with us very soon so I'll be working on her to let me give you a peek of her work

is my finished version of the painting, I felt a few hanging sprigs of lavender would give the painting a flowing serene feeling, hope it worked.
I have a print from the original painting available on our website, click here for details
I thought with Easter not far away an Easter theme would be interesting
I've been working on this little original painting featuring a cane basket, pink roses and ribbon with eggs

I've handmade some lovely little prints based on my original painting -

A hanging board with an Easter Greeting Card to match

They're available on our website ~ Click here for details

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