Wednesday, March 5, 2008

My Latest Vintage Framed Original

Thanks for coming over to visit
I've been working on another vintage style still life, I love to take a few photos along the way as it certainly seems to give me lots of incentive, hope they maybe of a little interest to you

my mapping in
I'd used some not very good quality gesso to prepare my board, it seemed to take forever to build up a good background on this painting (you were right Kerryanne) anyway I got there ...eventually!!
I find a plain light coloured bowl is great to use as a subject, you can see in the photo above the shadows and reflections show up clearly..... please don't take my little tips as "rules" these are little things that work for me, which I though my be of interest to others

I painted this one to fit into the lovely ornate vintage frame I found, once again I love the frame as is and did not want to paint it

I'm just about to list the painting on my website,
I think the painting would look wonderful in a traditional setting or just as good as a contrast in a shabby chic decor, I've done a few set ups to help people decide....well I'm hoping it helps

I guess if someone wanted me to I could paint the frame white.....
I don't have many posts to go until my 100th!!!.....I have a suprise giveaway ready for my 100th post celebration, that is very organised for me I must say!!

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