Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Never Trust a Stud Finder

I thought a bit of organising and revamping in our Laundry was in order

Our laundry is in the new section of our house

I was planning to hang a timber distressed shelf I'd prepared just above the washing machine

Below are some ideas I had in mind for a fresh sort of French Provincial look

The framed lavender print above is available from our website

I had everything ready to complete my project, screws, phillips head screw driver, electric drill, my little step ladder, level and of course the trusty stud finder. The glass canisters are quite heavy so I needed to be sure the shelf was securely hung.

Unfortunately my Stud Finder let me down... my goodness, it started bipping, which in the manual means yes there's a stud there, you can nail or screw in I had drill holes everywhere with no stud just plaster....I've used my trusty stud finder so many times in the past, for some reason it didn't want to co-operate on this project.

I just had to stand my new glass canisters on a scrolly cart for the time being, Tony has promised me to build a proper shelf...hmmmm I wonder when that will be??

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