Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tuesday Happenings

***Update to this post***

I made a hasty ending to this post last night as I'd just found out Guss had dissapeared, thank goodness Tony found him not long after safe and sound. We were so worried as it was dark and the poor Guss doesn't appear to have many survival skills, I wonder why, do you think it's because we spoil him rotten?

I've added a photo below of my finished Cupboard door, I've just listed it on our website you can click here for details.


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I need some ideas pleaseI came across this, I think Shot Glass Holder, it was originally stained brown.

I got to work and repainted it white, then added a pink rose.

The glasses came with it.

It's all finished and ready for me to list on our website

....what should I call it and what could you use it for???

The round holes are the wrong size for cup cakes

This was one vague idea I came up with


Here's another cupboard door I've been working on

I'd planned to finish it today but had a bit of a dissaster! The taps in our bathroom have been drip, drip, dripping, we're in a drought here so I thought it was about time something was done about them. I'm not sure how I managed to turn the slight drip into a constant full on flow of water from the tap....but I did. After several visits for advice, washers, o rings, lubricants and goodness knows what else, we have two perfectly working taps, I forget to say along the way the flood of water got into our vanity unit below the basin, can you imagine all the medications, makeup, shaving stuff, creams, etc etc.....all soggy....ahh what a mess

Now the positive side is.....I now know the workings of a domestic tap!!!!!!

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