Saturday, May 24, 2008

Thanks for coming over to visit
I've had a funny old Saturday
Garage Sales this morning with the hope of finding some interesting frames....No wasn't to be.
I did find a nice old rusty tub which I've used in my photos below

At the same Garage Sale I bought a tatty old suit case
The suit case bought to mind the wonderful contrast of linen and lace with rustic
At last some inspiration to sort through my pile of awaiting linen, part of my attempt at decluttering, I've been collecting these doilies etc. with the intention of either painting an original something on or using my artwork as transfer images
Below you can see my growing pile!!
This is my ironing basket, needless to say I can't fit day to day ironing in the basket

Below are a few of my finished pieces, I'm hopefully about to list a few for sale on our website...time permitting as we are out for dinner tonight , you have to get your priorities right!

Hope you're having an enjoyable weekendand

thanks for visitingbye for now

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