Saturday, June 14, 2008

My favourite inspirational sketch book

Do you have an all time favourite book?
Here's mine, it was presented to my Grandmother in 1917 for appreciation of her services in a Kindergarten Sunday School.
I can't tell you how many sketches I've worked on based from this book over the years

I had a timber hook board which needed a little something added on. Why not paint something completely different to my usual favourite roses I ask myself. I've based my painting above on a water colour from my favourite book, I love the end result of my Secret Arched Garden....only trouble is I have to reattach the hooks to the timber plaque, I think it may spoil it, I'm just looking at my photo above as I type and can see I've made a mistake by signing my name right under where one of the hooks needs to be reattached...hmmm maybe I could fill the hook holes ... yes and have it as a painting after all ....we'll see

Thanks for visiting and have a wonderful weekend

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