Saturday, June 21, 2008

New Painting...finsihed at last!

Thanks for coming over to visit

It's so cold and miserable here in Melbourne today, I did drag myself out to a few garage sales this morning, I didn't find anything overly interesting, I think my best find was the silver jug in the photo below, bought from the same garage sale as the silver jug with the Lily Pilly's in my previous post (the garage sale ran for two consecutive weekends in a row - brave lady!)

Thanks for letting me know the name of the plant girls, I should have realised as it was me who planted it in the first place, just the berries are such a vivid purple, maybe because it's in a shady spot with no sun fading the berries?

The little bunch of lavender I'd bought from the church op shop during the week, one of the volunteers working there cuts the lavender from her garden, she tells me she puts exactly 56 stems of lavender in each bunch....considering they only sell for 50 cents a bunch I think that's a great effort on her behalf, just the counting would tire me out! Above is a sweet little part Tea Set I'd bought awhile ago, I am about to sell it, so thought I'd use it in a painting before it left our house.....

I've just listed the painting on our website

If you were interested you can click here for a look
OK we're out for dinner soon, I better go and try to give myself a bit of a revamp!!...ehk

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