Sunday, July 27, 2008

Another Handy Hint

Thanks for coming over to visit

Glad you liked the handy hints from my last post

Here's another one from the same article

As you can see above I've scanned in the complete page for you - to give you an idea of how the perfect wife should look

Please girls if you want to keep your man, remember "Not to Nag or Fuss"!


Here's a few projects I've been working on, it's been very difficult to do anything much outside as the weather has been miserable, I was lucky Tony painted the scrolly little table above, all I had to do was paint my roses on the top.

I'm quite pleased with the mixed media I've created above -

I have a framed print version available on our website now click here for details

I found the "whatever it may be" above at a garage sale on Saturday, I've no idea where or what I'm going to do with it

Hope you've had a fabulous weekend

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