Wednesday, July 23, 2008

How about this

I had an urge to paint a vintage tea cup and bird on aged's my finished result

I must say I had a laugh flicking through an old Women's Weekly magazine while trying to find a discoloured page to paint my tea cup and birdie on.....
I would never have been able to paint over these very useful tips on "How NOT to Kill Your Husband"....well who would be able to destroy or mark such an interesting and useful article

the two below are close ups of Keeping your hubby happy (shown above)

Click on the article below to enlarge

Please girls try and remember these important tips on how to keep your hubby happy...there were many more tips so let me know if you would like them....or maybe I could do a feature tip of the week?


OK back to serious stuff

I found a page from a vintage music book for my original painting

I have some prints up for sale on our website

Wouldn't these look great with some sort of enhacement - this was my little effort

Thanks for visiting!

I'm off now to prepare myself for hubbies home coming

A freshly ironed apron and a ribbon in my hair should do the trick!

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