Thursday, August 7, 2008


Thanks for coming over to visit, where on earth has the time gone??? It only seems like yesterday I was tapping away at the keyboard, working on a new post and asking you all what you were having for dinner.....I must say I enjoyed reading your planned dinners, I think Tracie with her pop corn and ice cream was the...hmmmmm?..... not sure what...most interesting???? don't forget it's the middle of winter here in Australia, not sure about something cold and sweet for dinner, spaghetti for us tonight, I love it, I could eat pasta every night, no not for Tony though, spoil sport.

Our biggest Monthly market is this Sunday, we really rely on this one, goodness it's crept up so very quickly, Tony had some fantastic pieces made and ready for Sunday....I managed to take a few photos, then what do you know they've SOLD already, now don't get me wrong we're not complaining one little bit..
I loved this chunky utility bench in the photo below....believe me it is BIG, beautiful rich coloured vintage timber drawers and top...very heavy, thank goodness I didn't have to help him deliver this one! No I wasn't tempted to keep it, no room !!
Sadly I didn't get to see the finished version of the one below, the drawers are vintage ones which have little glass panel inserts so as you can display your treasures, Tony left the top and drawers in their original timber condition and painted the frame a soft must have looked wonderful

The dressing table in the photo below was one of my finds, I've had it at home on the front veranda for ages....I'd planned to put it in our Guest the Guest Room has now turned into a Gym - Ellie has her Tread Mill set up and is planning on giving the Tread Mill some friends, such as an excersize bike and goodness knows what else, mind you I go in and have a bit of a work out myself!!

The painting below has been my project for the market...whew it's taken me ages to finish, it's quite large, I think a little too large to post, so I think it will be a Market or Pick up only one
I've taken this photo above on an angle and the one below I've fiddled around with in photo shop, I quite like the effect.

Gorgeous vintage frame

And here we go all framed and done (not really I just propped it in for the photo) tomorrow I need to varnish and finish it...hopefully it will be ready for you market on Sunday, if you were in our area we would love you to drop into the market, you can click here for details

Thanks so much for coming over to visit

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