Sunday, October 19, 2008

Just checking in on Tony & Thankyou to a lovely ebayer

It's always a thrill to have someone do something thoughtful for you, just that happened last week for me, I sold a vintage fabric bedspread on ebay to the most delightful buyer, within the next few days a beautifully wrapped parcel arrived for me, you can see above what was in it, Irene makes these gorgeous vintage fabric wall can click here to read about her. She had made this one from the bedspread she bought from me, she thought it may give me inspiration for painting....yes how it did, thankyou so much Irene, I will treasure it always!

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Part Two of my Post

Thought it was about time I went up to suss out what Tony had been up to, as I work from home and he's up in his workshop at the back of the Antique Centre, I often miss treasures he's made or found, they're often sold before I get a chance to see them

I loved the collection of chippy old ladders and look at the sections of vintage ceiling tin in the background. Although we have to thank son Todd for the salvaged Ceiling Tin, not sure where he came across it (like father like son)

Not sure what the one below will be turned into

Love the old door below, someone's had a good go at stipping the paint off, I quite like the rustic effect
Now below is my favourite of Tony's finds

It's an old weathered Cray it.. all silvery and rusty

below is my find - Chippy Metal Garden Setting....lots of potential I think. The table top is a little far gone, Tony said he'll put a new top on it, wouldn't that look fantastic, shabby old metal base with a chic top--PERFECT

Last but not least - little chippy childs cabinet
And after looking at all those chippy weathered treasures here's my latest original painting featuring the prettiest pink roses surrounded by a CHIPPY (there's that word again) frame, click on the photo for details if you like
Thankyou so very much for coming over to visit

I'm off to start some dinner, I think Stir Fry with loads of fresh vegies sounds good to me


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