Wednesday, October 29, 2008

When a Dog Thinks He's A Human

Hello and thanks for coming over to visit

I'm so sorry I haven't been blogging lately, not only have I not been posting on my blog but I haven't been visiting others or leaving comments either, I feel very rude, I'm always stressing on other bloggers not to worry about such things....but it seems rude doesn't it, sort of like someone ringing you or emailing you and you don't return the phone call or email (yes guilty of that too lately).

I don't have any one reason in particular for being extra tied up....bit of a combination really, Dad finally came home from hospital and rehab late last week, he's been away for at least three months, as you can imagine lots of settling in things to do for him, a few hiccups but I now think he's definetly on the way to independetly living at home and I must say he is a very Happy Man to be back in his own home. Thankfully we have fantastic Elderly Help Service here in Australia.

The internet has been a little quiet this week, but our shops we supply and our markets have been super busy, isn't it funny how things seem to level out.

* * *

I'm very worried we've treated Guss a little too much like a person. Ellie is going to a Girly Dress Up Day at our massive Horse Racing Weekend Event in Melbourne this coming Saturday, it's called Derby Day and is part of our Melbourne Cup Racing Festival, of course she's bought a new outfit, she started making a "Fascinator" or what I call a Head Piece, last night, Guss decided he wanted one too, he would not let up following her and whinging until she made him his very own

below is the fascinator Ellie made for Guss

He was a happy boy (doggy) wonder why he thinks he's a person??

Practice run for Ellie here

* * *
In amongst all the goings on I have managed to finish a new painting, it's quite sweet and simple I think and is newly listed on our website, you can click on the photo if you're interested

Thanks again for coming over, I'm looking forward to doing some blog visiting very soon??!!

bye for now


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