Sunday, October 12, 2008

Our Week

We've had a busy time this week. Tony's van decided it was time for retirement - yes the motor blew up, thankfully it happened near home with out a big load of furniture on. As I'm sure you all know it's quite time consuming looking for a new anything! I think it was a blessing in disguise the van died as it really was looking tatty, we couldn't go far in confidence, in our true style we put off getting a new van until we had to!

Here's our new one, I think it's a Mercedes Sprinter

We both have a dream where we'll pack all our work into the van and travel around Australia selling - doesn't that sound exciting, it certainly is a goal we're working towards.

It is so BIG inside, the front seats are like armchairs

I couldn't believe how much Tony fitted in today with room to spare! Here's a few photos I took

I'm thinking I really need a new camera, I'm not at all happy with my photos lately, well he's got a new van, surely I could have a new camera.

We always try to have a variety of colours at our market stalls. I do wish I had a crystal ball to tell me what buyers would like on the day (don't we all). The demand today seemed to be for the pretty shabby chic rosy bedroom themes today.

I love the bench below Tony finished during the week, the drawers are recycled industrial ones, it is very large and quite heavy - believe me it is heavy!

It was such a lovely Spring Day today in Melbourne

As you can see in my photo above The Rose man was back selling at the market, they smell so lovely.

When I came home from the market Ellie was giving Guss a bath, he has a kids plastic sand pit/wading pool we use to bath him in, as you can see in the photo he's not really 100% happy with the arrangement, mind you Ellie tends to use all her hair and beauty products on him, note the gloves she's wearing, she's a Beauty Therapist, so poor old Guss gets the treatment!

Thanks for coming over to visit and I hope you all had a Happy Weekend

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