Sunday, February 8, 2009

Now here's a good way to help -
Coles (on Friday the 13th) and Woolies (on Friday the 20th) are going to donate all profits from sales Australia wide to the bushfire victims.
Thanks Vickie for the info

Update to this post

Kirstie from Adeline Country Cottage is taking donations for our Bushfire victims, you can click on the photo for details

I didn't know what to Title this Post ~ It's been such a tragic time here, how do you put a Title on such sadness

We've had and still have horrific Bush Fires burning here in Victoria, as I type I'm listening to the updates on the radio, the death toll is 49, so far! There are still numerous bush fires burning out of control.

Saturday was a scorcher, we had a Market at Red Hill which is surrounded by quite dense bushland, with the strong winds and high temperatures it was a scary morning, thankfully the decision was made for the market to finish earlier than usual, who in their right mind would want to buy anything in windy 45 deg. temperatures, really who in their right mind would set up a Market Stall on a day like that??.....hmmm yes us and quite a few others.

Many Stall Holders come from these outer areas where they grow their produce they sell, so many roads were blocked because of fires or people staying near their homes to try and save their properties from the fires

Thankfully where we live has been safe, I think the nearest fire being about 40 minutes away from us.

Today we had yet another market, quite the opposite weather conditions though, it poured with rain, for a split second I was outraged our market was going to be another bady - second day in a row - shame on me for thinking that, thank God for the change of wind and the rain, although there are still fires burning at least the changed weather conditions saved many lives and homes under threat.

Thankyou to those who emailed me asking if everything was OK, cooler weather is expected for the coming week.

Lots of prayers are needed for those effected by our horrific fires



are a few trivial little photos I took yesterday at the market, at the time we hadn't realised how serious the fires were, we were hot and bothered......goodness me to think what was happening around us, how tragic

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