Sunday, February 1, 2009

What am I doing?

I think I'm touching on a topic that has effected many of us at sometime.

The utter confusion of a Home decor style/direction/theme to stick to.

I've been planning to do a post on this topic for a little while, thank you Villa Anna for your latest's not just me then!

I think visiting all the beautiful blogs and reading some of the wonderful Home Magazines out there, confused me even more than I was before, if that's possible, I became quite agitated last year thinking there is not a chance I can afford to completely redecorate our house, either time or money wise, even if I could, how on earth could I decide on ONE particular theme - Here's just a few of the many sections in our house that have evolved, not intentionally....just know because I love so many different styles, I chop and change from one thing to the other then don't want to part with certain treasures and why should you?......

below in our kitchen - a little "French Provincial"

above in the opposite corner - pretty vintage china and cupcakes

another section in the kitchen - my blue and white china

and below - sort of rustic I suppose you'd call this group

above a group of scrolly shabby chic treasures

below - richer vintage treasures in our livingroom

below Family photos in our living room

above Antique clock and finds once again in our living room

below is a shot of the result of our stinking hot spell last week - the poor old candles in their crystal holders .... melted, they look like I felt!

So that was a little peek into our mix matched home !

I have come to the conclusion I need to sit back and enjoy my surroundings, we feel comfortable living in our home, we can have the fury friends inside, of course the two grown up kids and their partners too, we can all put our feet up on the coffee table if we want's perfect for us, for now I'm happy with our whatever you would call it ~ decor ~...most everything in our Home is because we like it for what it is, family treasures, salvaged finds, filled with creative work by Tony or I...........don't get me wrong I still envy many of the beautiful homes I see, but for now our humble home is just fine for us

Now here's another little dilemma I have

l very often come across a new idea or style and then seem to end up creating another little section in our house, I then want to create some form of artwork to go with it.

Below is my stencil creation which I think looks great in amongst one of my so called French Provincial sections in our house, I have listed one of these stencils on my website

I love the simple look of the stencil

I painted the frame and backboard an antique white, the stencil I did from a vintage tin template I've had, I chose a colour called "Mesh" which is a mid tone grey

This has been a long post for me this time....but wait ther's more

I've been working on a large local beach scene painting for our Markets next weekend

you can see it below, it's on a Gallery stretched canvas

Thanks for coming over

I would love to hear your ideas on future plans you have for decorating your home....have you come to the same conclusion as I have and will go free and easy for the time been or have you chosen a pacific theme...??

As long as we're all happy, isn't that the main thing

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