Sunday, February 15, 2009

Weekend Projects

What a strange weekend it's been, I had loads of projects to get stuck into, yet I'm sitting here late afternoon Sunday thinking I've not achieved much at all, you get that sometimes though don't you .... do you???

Here's one big Project I didn't accomplish - yes my Ironing basket is growing daily - really though who cares? I'm gradually heading towards the creased natural look, I find you can get away with crisp white freshly washed linen not ironed, but the darker colours need a quick whisking over with the Iron. Notice all the whites in my basket....not much ironing there if I stick by my theory.

I did have some bits and pieces I wanted to work on, I find once I store something away in the shed, that's where it stays, best to try and work on what I can while the ideas are in sight

The pink Pillar Candle Holders above and the collection of baskets below

I did manage to clean up the Pink Pillar Candle holders and paint a rose and bud on each one

I only finished one single basket from my collection, I had a great time working on it. I sort of slapped on a few layers of paint, one being white and the other a silvery grey colour, once dried I added a little mdf circle with a tea cup print attached which was taken from one of my original paintings
I quite love the end result, I put it up for sale on our website, I must say it's very hard to sell items of the size of the basket as the postage is quite expensive, unfortunately Australia Post either goes by the weight or the cubic metre of the item, they calculate their price on which ever is the more expensive!

I managed to find another piece (right hand side the jug) for my French Provincial Corner
I don't think I thanked everyone for their encouraging comments re my decorating dilemmas - I am now very relaxed and happy with our bits and pieces home, I think I mentioned I got a new camera for Christmas, I'm so very disappointed with it.....I'm back to using my old one, when I suss out buying a yet again new one I'll post some overall photos of our home.
Does anyone have a reasonable affordable camera they can recommend?

Last but not least I finished and listed an original painting I've been working on during the week.

That's me for now ~ see you next time!


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