Sunday, March 1, 2009

What would you do with this Architectural Post/Leg?

A little while ago I found four solid timber legs at a Garage Sale, I thought they would be perfect for Tony to use as legs for his furnitue, well what do you know when I got them home they where all different, isn't it funny how you get so excited when you find something interesting you don't stop and think of the obvious as in this case are the legs matching?
I do remember the Man selling them saying he was in a Wood Working Club, he's probably made these as samples.....what to do with ONE single Architectural Leg??

Paint it Pink of course!

Turn it upside down and Paint a Rose on the front base section

Hmmmmm....see the very top little bit which was once the bottom it's about 25mm in dia. what do you think, maybe some sort of base nailed to the top to use it as a candle pillar or just leave it as is.....I guess it's up to the new owner or up to me if it doesn't sell, I'd still love to hear your ideas as don't forget I have another three to work on

Thanks for coming over to visit.
Hope you're all well and I look forward to hearing any inspiring ideas
Thanks also for the advise on the camera's, it gives me something to work on

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