Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I'd love a never ending supply of these

I've been busily planting Herbs this week, there's nothing better than being able to step outside the back door and snip a few bits of this and that to add to whatever you maybe be cooking

Fresh New Jacket Potatoes with Chives and a little Mint - of course butter and a little cheese just to get the calories up!

Basil mixed in with any pasta dish, soup - or picked and put in a favourite jug, the smell is delicious in itself, Rosemary with Lamb..yummm. I have a habit of picking my new herb seedlings before they're properly established - I need to be patient this time, can't wait till they're flowing over my pots and I can snip away till my hearts content.

I found a few little interesting bits and pieces on the weekend, I love the half egg shaped thingy below, looks like the top's missing, still I think it'd make a great little bud base, love it!
Sits my friend
When I bought her from the trash and treasure market she didn't quite look like how she does now, she's only a reproduction, you know the one you'd buy from the do it yourself section in the Craft Shops but I think someone had created her awhile ago as she is a little chipped and well loved, I thought I'd like to fiddle around and give her a completely new personality -she must like her new face and my roses painted on her bodice as she's been sitting happily next to me while I painted the next two new creations you'll see below

Tony came home with three gorgeous old Chippy Skirting Board sections, here's just two I've finished, I do wish I had an endless supply of these, they are magical to paint on, the beautiful rich original timber colours showing through are stunning in contrast to my pretty pink roses

I've just this minute listed them on our website, click on any of the two photos for details

It was great for you to come and visit
I always enjoy reading any comments left, mind you please if you're sometimes like me and read blogs with coffee in hand and no time to leave a comment, that's fine, just hope you enjoyed your visit


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