Sunday, April 5, 2009

New series of Original Paintings

Thanks for coming over to visit

First of all here's a photo from an advertisement in one of our Regional, I suppose you'd say, magazines - "Coast Magazine" please click for more details

You can see a few pieces of Tony's handmade furniture down the very bottom right hand column of the advertisement, in the photo below I've edited Tony's furniture to be a feature so you can see it close up - I hope this is OK to do - please if not let me know and I'll delete the photo.

I don't think Southern Baazar have a website link, but you can contact us if you wanted their phone number. Looks like they have a fantastic shop, loads of genuine Retro pieces of furniture and accessories - I may have to go with Tony next time he visits them.

I think it's wonderful the way so many different styles of furniture can happily live side by side.

This of course goes for Paintings and anything really - I am absoluletly adoring working on my new series of French inspired and Whimsical Original Paintings on Canvas, I think these would look fantastic anywhere, they're on Gallery canvas and linen panels which means they are ready to hang (no staples to be seen at the sides) or you can have them framed, even better most are standard sizes and you can frame them yourself.

The one above is very sketchy, very whimsical, I was trying to achieve Red, White and Blue with a soft pastel background to fit into my French Inspired series, I do absolutely love the simplicity of the painting....haven't listed this one yet though ...

I've just this afternoon finished this one - seemed to take forever to finish, I sometimes get lost in a little fantasy world when painting these detailed originals - I could go on forever adding little extra's, I have to stop myself! This one is for Sale on our website now, you can click on the photo for details

That's about me for now

Hope you're all well and thanks again for visiting

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