Sunday, April 26, 2009

New Listings

Hello and thanks for popping over

We have had the most terrible wind conditions here today in Melbourne!! Poor Guss gets frantic by the wind, tonight the only way to comfort him was to wrap him up in one of our old Blankets we used to have as a comforter for the I'm writing, he is still content...let's hope it lasts as he really was upset by the wind today and needs a good nights sleep

I've just listed a few new Mixed Media Prints on our website

We've found the Special Occasion Mixed Media Prints have been very popular, so I've created this idea for Mother's Day which can you believe is only a few weeks away!!

The Rooster below is taken from my original painting I've incorporated it onto a French themed background, I do love this one

I've been having a bit of an update on my Links side could call it "Work In Progress" I'm thought it may be better to have a "Blogs I Follow" gadget, that way instead of me continually going into my blog lists to see who has posted something new - it'll all be there for me to see - I must say "So Far so Good"

I'm a little confused on certain blog link issues at the moment - that I think will be a completely separate post - I need to put some more thought into it

Thanks so much once again for coming over

~ Gail ~

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