Thursday, April 30, 2009

Saved photos and some little treats just for me

Thursday is usually my day to visit my Dad, he lives about 40 minutes from us, I always leave my list of supplies I need and things I have to pick up till Thursday. Today I sort of got side tracked, I made a little collage of the goodies I bought today at a Factory Outlet Sale - the only one I wasn't pleased with when I got it home was the basket candle holder on a stand in my photo below right bottom corner, I can see me leaving this one outside and it rotting away - it is lovely so I will hopefully come up with somewhere I can put it inside.
Tony and I don't have Autumn trees here where we live -my Dad does - I raided his Liquid Amber tree and arranged the beautiful autumn leaves in my newly purchased basket, it's really meant to be a candler holder, but I loved the contrast of the rustic coloured leaves with the silvery basket

Oh no I did it again, well you see I was going to the Art Shop to buy some canvas, what do you know I just happened to see the "Sale" sign up outside the "Crabtree and Evelyne" factory outlet shop - how could anyone resist? The quality of their products are certainly worth the extra price you pay - two little drops of the Spiced Ginger Oil in my oil burner will last for days
We had a family dinner last night and happened to bring out all the old photos - goodness even the album with our wedding photos!! Tony and I were married in a Restaurant, we didn't have professional photographers, I think my brother took these photos, needless to say when we were looking at them last night I noticed they were all starting to fade - a bit sad!! I have no idea where the negatives to the photos are - remember those - negatives? I decided to scan the faded photos and edit them in Photo Shop - well I must say I was quite pleased with the result - not up to the professional standards of todays photos - but good enough to remember our Wedding Day - whew don't even ask how long ago it was.......
I look quite frightened don't I!

Thanks for your concern about our Guss with the terrible winds we had - yes he's happy now until the next windy day comes along - although I think I now know to wrap him up in his security blankey!!!
Thanks for coming over to visit -

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