Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Summer Breeze in Autumn

I was scrounging in our Linen Press for a Doona Cover and found one I'd bought at a Garage Sale ages ago, I'd forgotten all about it, although I love the contrast of different styles, I couldn't quite imagine this doona cover fitting in with my Shabby Chic Bedroom theme I have currently going, you can see photos of it below. The best thing about having neutral coloured walls and trim is you can quickly change your theme in no time at all. I think the photos took longer to take than the actual change over. I must say I still love my old look bedroom, but this was a nice fresh change. I can change it back next time I change my Doona Cover!!!

Because we have a Loft Bedroom, no one walks past it and looks in the door, you have to make a special trip up the stairs to our bedroom, which means it doesn't have to fit in with the rest of the house, mind you not that anything else does anyway!

This is my before bedroom, which I must say I did love, you can click on the photo to read about my makeover on this theme

Nearly all of the accessories I've used I already had - quite a few are ones I plan to sell on my website or with Tony at the Antique Centre. The Candelabra in the photo above was my last weekend Garage Sale find, I've been cleaning my brush I paint my frames with on it....that's the best look, just sort of flick the paint on, preferable different shades of white and cream, then after awhile when the paint's built up, give it a bit of a sand off to let the rusty bits show through. I'm now thinking it's very heavy and hoping either Tony or I don't have a Nightmare and knock ourselves out sitting up quickly or the bracket I hung it on might collapse!

above and below
Prints from my Original Shell Painting series I've framed - I will have these up for sale on our website in the next few days. One of my gift cards sits happily below in my window shutter
and below
My sweet little 'Gone to the beach" sign which is available from our website too

The Photo above looks a bitty tatty, never mind I don't have time to run upstairs for one in a better light - goodness me taking photos is hard work!

Speaking of work, here's my nearly finished Original Painting, it's in a beautiful Ornate, metal/brass frame, which I've painted and distressed, I should have it finished and framed ready for sale on our website tomorrow
Thanks for coming over
and thankyou also for the comments left, very much appreciated to have a bit of inspiration or whatever!!!

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