Friday, May 1, 2009

I haven't thrown my paint brushes away

After buying my lovely goodies yesterday, I finally got to work on a painting which I've had in mind for ages, I've painted my stacked white cups on linen - they're framed in a simple distressed soft white coloured frame - I've made a photo collage BELOW for you to look at - I'm not sure if I might give the cups a slight colour of some sort around the rims - will sleep on that one - or if you had ideas please let me know.
I did do a similar version on hessian and painted the rims of the cups red - blue - alternatively - not sure if I want anything as harsh in this painting thoughI haven't at all been neglecting my Rosy paintings, in fact the one below will be ready very soon, the weather here has turned very cold and seems to get dark way too quickly, I need to re-organise my working day that's for sure!

OK ~ here's another photo of Tony and I on our "Special Day". I think this photo would have been taken around about 26 plus years ago!!! - YAKES!!!

Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for coming over
~ Gail ~

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