Sunday, May 3, 2009

New Listings

I really should title this post "Nearly New Listings" as I don't think I'm going to have these up for sale on the website tonight - definitely tomorrow though!

You've probably noticed all sorts of tutorials and ideas on what to do with Vintage Bed Spring bases - just google for more info

Anyway, I've been asking Tony to keep his eyes open for a vintage bed spring base for me - finally he found one - to be quite honest I have no idea how he cut the springs off, all I know is he bought them home for me to do what I wanted with - because the springs where coated in an enamel greenish colour, I've painted them a soft white and given them a bit of a sand back. I've hand painted little dainty roses on a few candlesticks to make a special little combo candle stick holder / candle package - although I will have just the holders for sale too

above and below - before and after photos

I have manged to list another of my architravel table legs on our website

Thanks for your ideas on my Cafe Cups Painting - I ended up simply adding a faded goldish rim to each cup - I was pleased with the result

Hope your weekend has been a Good One!

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