Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy Weekend

I've been having some issues sending out emails - not sure what's going on, I'm so sorry if anyone has emailed me and thought I'd ignored you because you haven't received an email back - "No not at all", I have been answering all my emails, so please try again and hopefully the problem will be fixed soon.

I was thinking while I was painting today of all the different ways our creativeness comes out - quite overwhelming isn't it?. For me I've found instead of trying to change my home to a new theme that I love, I was getting a little confused doing that, I now try and capture the theme in a series of paintings.
This is my latest - I am loving the Beach theme, well really I have always loved the beach theme, but the beach theme with soft roses Incorporated on chippy timber panels or framed in distressed timber frames - here's a few I've been working on, I've also designed some gift cards which are available from our website too, just click on any of the photos for details


Thanks for coming over and listening to my prattle!
~ Gail ~

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