Friday, July 3, 2009

Swedish Bench and New Listing

I'm still enjoying painting on the Chippy Boards Tony brings home for me - they're all cleaned, sanded and cut to size - whew all I have to do is paint!!!!

This one I finished today - click on the photo if you're interested
Tony cut another chippy panel exactly the same size as this one, I intend to paint another similar painting, which I think would look lovely hung as a pair

OK onto a Swedish Find

Tony came across this wonderful Swedish Bench - really an 18th century Gustavian Sofa, anyone how has visited Tony's space at the Antique Centre will understand why the Swedish Bench needs to be hung up high out of harms way!!! - yeh Girls I know the ones who have visited are having a giggle...???

We've had a wonderful time researching this one, but if you think you have any more info it would be most welcome, please leave a comment or contact us

Here's one gorgeous blog we found along the researching way. thankyou Tricia (hope you don't mind the mention) you really have to use your imagination on Tony's latest - recoverd I think it would look sensational

Thanks for coming over

have a great weekend

~ Gail ~

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