Friday, July 10, 2009

Simply White

sold - thankyou!

Thanks for popping over.
Once again I've been working on another original painting - I'm really enjoying painting at the moment, that's not always the case! Maybe I feel this way because I've a few new themes going and have had interesting pieces of chippy timber board to work with. This latest one is a bit of a variation of my Beach themed ones, no shells or star fish this time, the lovely ornate repro frame just needed some simple white flowers and a china vase - I love the end result, you can click on the photos if you'd like details

You know when you're painting anything at all, there always seems to be a bit of left over paint on the brush - Waste not Want Not - I try and have some little thingy that needs a bit of a revamp beside me, it sometimes takes a week to paint that little something, but it's a good effect and serves the purpose of cleaning my paint brush at the same time, the Candle stick holders in the photo below were my latest brush cleaners, I will put them up for sale on the website at some stage - could have been tonight if my camera's batteries hadn't run out.

There they are again in the photo below, with my gorgeous Lilies - which have finally opened up, took a week or two, but aren't they lovely! - thanks Mal and Todd

Just a little beside the point photo below

This Laundry hamper was on special for $9.95! it's lined with a lovely unbleached linen insert. Of course I already have two, so have no idea what I will do with it - but for that price, how could I let it go...???

We have our market this Sunday at Mornington Racecourse, you can click here for details

If you're in the area we'd love you to stop and say Hello
The one below I've just finished ready for our market tomorrow - images taken from my original Sea Gull painting

Have a great weekend whatever you maybe doing


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