Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Two Newies

Hello and thanks for coming over to visit, I've just finished two original paintings, one on a blue chippy board, Tony keeps telling me "This is the last of these" then appears with more he's found, I think this one he thought was too chippy for me to paint --- What, too chippy???

I had in mind to paint tea cups and star fish, but wasn't at all sure how the tea cups would be, I find if I don't think and plan, things just come to me - sometimes anyway - in this case it didn't come to me, took a few attempts and a days break away from the painting before the seaside theme painted on the tea cups came to me - here it is and is available for sale, just click on the tea cups for details

Thanks for the well wishes for our Market - all I can say is it didn't turn out to be one of our better markets, no rain thankfully, but cold, windy and muddy, never mind all part of it, you have to take the good with the bad.

One bright and sunny highlight of the day was this lovely bunch of Jonquiles given to me by Alison Gibbs, really only part of the massive bunch she gave me, I popped over to help Alison with her lovely new website she's started up - as in popped over in person, she only lives across the road and a few streets down, her website is looking good, click here to have a look

I'm adding on another recently finished painting to this blog post - lazy me, will save me doing a new blog post, this one's on a solid timber door panel - click on the photo for details if you like

Thanks also for some awards that have come my way - very much appreciated!!

Hopefully I'll get to them soon!

Thanks so much for visiting

~ Gail ~

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