Sunday, July 19, 2009

Painting the house

I've been painting, painting and more painting today, this time on our house, our poor house has been sadly neglected over the past few years, I've promised myself to make a little time to pay it some much needed attention, today I painted another Dado wall and also painted and distressed a stained solid timber bar we use, I would prefer it not to be there at all, but if you could see what's stored behind it you'd understand my reason for wanting it to live where it does for the time being, it has come with us on a few moves, but will not be coming again, which meant I really gave it a good distressing, way to heavy to drag it outside, so I've distressed the edges while the paint was little damp, which means less paint dust everywhere, but over the top distressing, I quite like the end result.
You can see in the photo below how it looked before - stained, dark brown, I'm not normally one to instantly paint everything in sight white, but in this case it was needed and I love my freshly painted Dado walls, only about five more walls to go and I'm finished!

I promise I won't show you every single wall I paint - just this one was a bit of a gamble

I probably need to go in and rearrange my accessories, but it was the end of the day and I just sort of took mirrors and bits and piece from around the house to dress things up a bit

Hope your weekend's been a good one

thanks for coming over

~ Gail ~

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