Monday, September 14, 2009


I really am getting worried about myself
It's Guss' Fifth Birthday today - I just went over and had a look at his Breeder's Website, I felt quite emotional - I mean really getting emotional about a dog's birthday, what on earth is going on with me??

Even as a little puppy, as soon as he sees a camera he turns his back on it, you have to trick him into taking a front view photo.
If you're wondering, no Guss' tail has not been "Docked" or "Cut off" how cruel, he was lucky enough to be born with what is known as a "Screw Tail"

He is cute though isn't he?
You can click here if you want to see more photos on the Benson Aussie Bulldogs website, Guss' registered name is Armani

There he is above - all grown up - in fact I thought I detected a few grey hairs!

Here's a photo from our market yesterday, a bit of imagination is needed here - Tony has made the bench based on an old white chippy ladder, how wonderful would it look in the right surroundings, maybe in my freshly painted white lounge room....hmmm??

Thanks for coming over

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