Thursday, September 17, 2009

OK so I really have mucked my blog up!

UPDATE - I'm getting there, picked up a few tricks along the way, maybe it was meant to be?

Just a quick post to say I have managed to absolutely destroy my Blog Post and my side bar is crazy too.
I just wanted to do a little revamping, but no, I manged to delete my old template, mind you I bet I have it saved somewhere - Oh well I'm sure all will be fine

But here's a few little bits I was going to post on my blog before I started fiddling......

This one below is my latest Original Whimsical Painting on Canvas

The "Pink Bedroom" you can click on the painting for details - SOLD thankyou!

and the photo above

A little bit of fun

I had some lovely fresh herbs and roses from our garden and a ball of garden twine, the roses and herbs got plonked in the garden twine - I thought it was quite quirky - but at this stage of the night with my blog template looking crazy, I think my planned post has fallen apart - never mind here it is - as is!!

Have a great week and thanks for coming over - hopefully next time you come back I will have my Blog sorted out


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