Saturday, September 12, 2009

She's not perfect but I like her

Hi there!!

I had a bit of left over time and left over paints the other day and decided to treat myself to working on one of my latest challenges - Faces and figures..... I'm not boasting to be the most well taught artist, I do hope my passion for painting somehow shines through in my work (hope that made sense).....anyway here she is below, very far from perfect, but I was pleased with her, I've put her up for sale on our website, if you were interested you could click on the painting for details

Very warm here in Melbourne today, but a change is forecast for tomorrow, we do have a market at Mornington Racecourse, just hoping that the rain will hold off till the afternoon. I did manage to get some new bits and pieces ready for tomorrow, was pleased with the Home Decor Collage below, it's under glass, I hate packing and posting anything with glass, so I am going to do a version with no glass and list it on our website at some stage

I had to laugh when I walked past this (see photo below)

Bella the cat has claimed Guss's bed, he really did want it back but is too much of a Gentleman to kick her out, or maybe too scared of her? She is quite firey. He patiently waited for her to move for an hour and a half

Thanks so much for coming over

Hope you have a wonderful weekend whatever you maybe doing

~Gail ~

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