Wednesday, September 23, 2009

From White Roses and Starfish to Shabby Chic Home Decor

Thank you so much for coming over to visit
I'm feeling bad I haven't been out there blog visiting over the last few days, so really this post is more of an apology

I've been taking particular interest on how frantically busy we have all become! It's quite scary I think, I wonder what's going to happen?....and why has this come about?
I remember when our kids were little...hmmm..?? about 20 plus years ago, a big promotion for the peaceful, lay back life was the trend then, yes I was a working Mum then, but we made sure we had time off on weekends - Friday Night was the end of the working week, weekends were times to spend doing family things - what is a weekend now..?
I guess you just have to "Go with the flow" at the moment, is it just me noticing?
Maybe it's just cause Tony and I have a Business which involves odd hours...who knows and really it's fine because we are loving what we do, so isn't that the main thing!

Here's a few new Originals I've finished - you can click on any painting for details The Original painting above

I named

"Spoilt by Roses"

I must confess I have never been spoilt by my hubby bringing me home Roses or any other flowers come to thing of it!!!

Thanks again for coming over


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