Monday, September 7, 2009

Vintage Hat Stand

Hello and thanks for coming over to visit
I've had this urge to paint Vintage Hats lately, I tend to need some form of inspiration in front of me associated to the subject I'm painting, otherwise the creative juices don't seem to flow!

I was at a Church Fete on the weekend and saw the Vintage chippy green hat stand with an Electric Blue coloured Hat for sale on one of the stalls, to my dismay only the hat was for sale, after pleading and begging the kind lady decided she'd sell me both the Vintage Hat stand and the cap.
The middle hat in my painting is based on the original one I bought, the other two either side are my designs, I'm not thinking a career in Milllinery wil be my calling, but I think the hats are a bit of fun in this painting
You can click on the painting above for details

Hope you have a great week whatever you may be doing


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