Monday, October 12, 2009


Thanks so much for your positive vibes for our market on Sunday - they seemed to have certainly done the trick, we did have a good day, perfect weather and sales were good.

Christmas is creeping up - scary isn't it, only a few more markets to go, so thought I better get to work and paint a few new Christmas originals.

I've just listed my newly finished original painting on ebay - now I must say that was a bit of a challenge, I haven't listed anything on ebay for many, many, many months - I somehow lost my ebay template, after being able to list on ebay with my eyes closed years ago - nah! wasn't like that this time - anyway it eventually came back to me and I did manage to find my template in amongst my ever growing number of files - I bet you know about that!

You can click on the painting above or here to see the listing if you like

I will have prints available of the painting at some stage - I loved working on this one - painting in all the details of the Christmas decorations and ribbons on the presents etc. etc. - it was magical, I could have gone on and on...

Thanks so much for coming over
Have a great week

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