Saturday, October 3, 2009

He took it!

Thank you all so much for your comments you left on my last blog post. I bet now I've mentioned this Vitamin D test they seem to routinely do, you'll be hearing more and more about it, would love to know if you do.
It wasn't I went to the Doctor cause I was feeling poorly, quite the opposite - was just the regular two yearly girly side of things check up, you know those ones we just avoid and put off. My doctor always does these routine blood tests, you know cholesterol, iron..... all things that can be fixed if the results aren't right, by diet, exercise, vitamin supplements or whatever, best to find out now and not wait till, say your bones are disintegrating, or you have a stroke cause your cholesterol is high etc. etc. - Geez don't I sound like doom and gloom!! - nah not at all!!

OK onto to other things now
I've been working on more Original Canvas paintings, you can click on each painting for details.

We did have a market today at Red Hill, I'm sorry I didn't get to go, well no not sorry for me, as it was lovely to get some orders and packing and posting done for the website, I also looked at a few garage sales on my way to the Post Office - as you do of course.

I obtained the wrought iron garden seat below - I loved it, put my lovely yellow themed Laura Ashley cushions on it ready to have a little bit of a read in the sunshine, which I'm meant to do cause I need my dose of Vitamin D - Tony came home and took it to take up to his Store and sell - boo hoo for me, but never mind cause really I didn't have the room to keep it!

Thanks for coming over to visit
Have a great weekend whatever you may be doing

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